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What is TriviaBot?

Well that's an easy answer. TriviaBot is an add on for the mIRC IRC client.

TriviaBot enables users of an IRC chat channel to play trivia and many other games in their chat rooms. Most trivia bots differ from each other in several ways, some have team trivia and some do not. Some might add fun little games in them and others are very simple. TriviaBot was designed to be fun and easy to use for beginners while still being a very powerful IRC Trivia Bot.

TriviaBot started out as a small project for Tigger. Tigger got bored with IRC after a while and decided to get a triviabot for his chat room. While searching and downloading 100s of triviabot's Tigger noticed that most of them were either to complex or to simple and most of the triviabot's Tigger downloaded didn't seem to fit his style. So Tigger set out to design his perfect TriviaBot. He started out by looking around at the different triviabot's he downloaded, and then got the idea well, why not take the parts of the triviabot's that he liked and write his own triviabot, so that's exactly what he did. Tigger found a format that he liked from one bot and started there.

In the beginning he had very little knowledge of how to write code or how to write bots but, that didn't stop him from learning. He started piecing different parts of code together and editing them where needed to suit his needs. He started to learn how write code very quickly. He started testing his first TriviaBot on Tigger tested this  triviabot for a couple of months then realized he needed to start over due to the amount of bugs from piecing every thing together so he started to rewrite his first TriviaBot.

After a year of writing and testing, and several version revisions. He released TigBot by tigger. TigBot was full of bugs and errors but it worked most of the time and playing TigBot was fun, but it had no real features and only did one thing... Trivia... That wasn't enough for Tigger. He had to make it better. So he started to rewrite every thing over again.

Taking a break from working on the bot, one day Tigger started wondering around other irc networks in the hopes he could find some ideas. He found a triviabot that had a cool format and colors and recorded daily monthly and weekly stats "This was something unheard of at that time". So Tigger asked where they got their triviabot. They said it was a new bot called Trivbot. Intrigued by this triviabot Tigger sought out to find a copy. Once he found a copy he downloaded it and stopped working on TriviaBot. This new bot was really cool. Awesome format, cool colors, and it kept track of all the stats perfectly. After a few months Tigger thought well "how can I make this better?". So he went over his old code and studied the code from TrivBot and noticed that TrivBot was very similar to his. The only difference being the way the stats were recorded and some of the dialogs in the bot itself. Starting over with code from Trivbot and his old code from TigBot Tigger decided to combine the look and some of the features of Trivbot with TigBot after a few months of testing Tigger released his first working copy of TigBot.

Tigger never being satisfied with the bot began to rewrite the code once again. Adding some things here and there, and removing things he did not like. After about 2 years TriviaBot was officially released for download. The first couple weeks there was no traffic and no downloads. So Tigger went into a couple of the trivia channels he had been playing in on different networks and started asking people if they would like a copy of his bot to try it and test it. About 3 weeks later TriviaBot was getting over 100 downloads per day. It seemed like people really liked TriviaBot and so did Tigger. Tigger then decided to keep the project going, and continued adding to TriviaBot. In May of 2005 TriviaBot 8 was released for download. It had better dialogs and was very easy for newbies to use, but it was still lacking something. Fed up with the bot not being perfect Tigger decided to take a break from IRC and Trivia for a couple of years.

In 2008 Tigger sat down and started tinkering with the bot again. He added a new bonus question feature and a cool new Slots feature. He also added a way to ftp upload the stats files to a remote server so users could post their stats on their homepage. Tigger thought TriviaBot needed something else, something to make the bot stand out a little more so he added a cool entertainment script to keep every one amused with different sayings and commands. After several years of working on TriviaBot in January 2010 Tigger released TriviaBot 9 and in March 2011 he released TriviaBot 10. Tigger continues to work on TriviaBot as well as other projects. So check back often you never know when a new release will be out.


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