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Download TriviaBot Version 10.2.1 Official Release.

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Download TriviaBot version 10.2.1 Zip file

SHA256 - bf80cd3edf32e3a5ccf39bd3ed9c8b79b21d6b89eacce88380838a98dadca89c --

Download TriviaBot version 10.2.1 self installer

SHA256 - dbcb4f1c9a1e42afaf963ba66990fbbaae0708351b663c4a1440594d2c8c726f --

There currently IS NOT an upgrade for this version. TriviaBot has had to many changes to simply upgrade.

If you want to save your scores and question files make sure to copy the TriviaBot/scores/ and TriviaBot/lst directories to another directory prior to updating.

If you are installing a new copy follow the directions below

Thank you for downloading TriviaBot v10 by Tigger --- ---

Before You Start TriviaBot v10.2.1 for the first time you MUST do the following things....
1. Download a fresh copy mIRC from
2. Run the mirc installer and install a new copy of mIRC then rename the new mIRC folder to TriviaBot. Note: "You must name the new mIRC folder TriviaBot. The bot won't run correctly otherwise."
3. Unzip the file, or run the installer and copy all the files from the TriviaBotv10.2.1 folder into your NEW TriviaBot directory. Make sure you select overwrite all if prompted.
4. Copy All YOUR Q&A files into the LST Folder (If you have other Q&A files) as of version 10.2.0 all Q&A files must be in .txt format
5. Start mIRC and type /load -rs script/install.mrc or Select "First Time Use" From the TriviaBotv10 menu.
6. Fill in all the information in the boxes that popup when prompted.
7. From the TriviaBot v10 Menu click on Mix Question Files, and click on Exit
(This will mix the Q&A files properly, repeat this procedure if you add or delete Q&A files)
8. Shut Down and Restart TriviaBot
( The bot will AutoJoin the Trivia Channel and the Server you have typed in above. )
9. Once setup is complete and you have restarted the bot open up the
settings menu by right clicking the channel window and selecting settings.
10. Put in your own settings and values and you are ready to play. Be sure to change the DCC username and password for the DCC interface.
11. From the TriviaBot v10 Menu select "Reset Scores" Then click on "Reset all Scores".
12. You may start TriviaBot v10 by selecting "Start Trivia" from any right click Menu

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will not reply to any emails or provide any support regarding any problems
with setup if you have not followed the instructions above first.

The bot has been thoroughly tested and to our knowledge has no bugs or problems so if
you do decided to edit it, It will be at your own risk and you will void any and all support.

I have set up a support ticket system at if
you have any questions or problems please contact us through the ticket system.

If you would like to make a donation go to and click on the donate button











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