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Frequently asked questions


What is TriviaBot

  • TriviaBot is an add on script for the mIRC "IRC" Client.

How do I run TriviaBot

  • TriviaBot is run when you load the TriviaBot script by initializing the script via the TriviaBot menu or by typing /load -rs firsttime.ini

There are 100s of other trivia bot's. Why should I use TriviaBot?

  • TriviaBot is different from most other trivia bot's because, we have added several different games and features into our bot to make it more fun. You can play Trivia and slot's as well as interact with the bot by asking it questions and playing 8 ball. You can also have TriviaBot guard your channel with his built in channel protection features. Give Op's, Take Op's, even kick and ban some one from the room all remotely using simple commands.

How many questions does TriviaBot come with.

  • Initially TriviaBot came with over 1 million questions, however we scaled that back to allow faster download times. TriviaBot now comes with over 360,000 different questions include KAOS, Scrambled, True and False, and many other question types. We will be adding more question files on our downloads page.

How long does it take to have all the questions asked by TriviaBot

  • Good question. We have run TriviaBot non-stop in #Trivia on since January of 2005 and TriviaBot has still not asked all of the questions. So your guess is as good as ours :-)

Technical and Known issues:

I connected to the StarChat IRC Network and the bot disconnected

When choosing Some Settings I get this error: * /dialog: '"DialogName"' no such table

  • The dialog you tried to open is not loaded. type /load -rs script/lall.mrc to load all the scripts.

Why does TriviaBot crash when I run the bad question scanner.

  • The question file is too large for the scanner, try dividing it up into smaller files. :-)

Why doesn't TriviaBot work when I join a channel for the first time.

  • You need to run the Setup from the TriviaBot menu window.

The question editor caused mIRC to crash.

  • One or more of your question files are too large for the editor, try dividing them up into smaller files. :-)

I've used the First Time Use menu but my bot still isn't joining the channel or the network I want to join.

  • Open the settings dialog from the channel window and fill in the proper information or rerun the First Time Use Script.

I can't get TriviaBot to work. What do I do?

I went to the Live Chat Support but no one was there.

  • Our support staff are all volunteers. Some times we have several on and some times we don't have any on. Your best option is to open a support ticket as they are reviewed daily.

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