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News and Updates!!!

We have discontinued the support system temporally. If you need support please go to and /join #TriviaBot. Someone will assist you.

It took a while but we finally finished our new data center and I'm ready to continue working on TriviaBot.
It may take a little time but I will have an update coming out soon followed by a new version of TriviaBot.
IRC is back up and running at standard Ports 6667-6669 and SSL only on port 7000
Thank you all for your support!!!

TriviaBot v10.2.0 Released 3/3/2011.

Here you will learn about Triviabot as well as other information regarding "IRC" Internet Relay Chat. If you haven't used IRC before it can be a little overwhelming at first but in time you too can master IRC like many others have.

Now that TriviaBot 10 has been out for several months we continue to think about what's next.

Because our Mega Slots feature has been such a great success. We have added two new bonus games for extra points and credits.

New dialogs to allow bot masters to completely customize almost every part of the script.

The new and improved dcc chat script will allow you or your ops full access to the bot via a username and password system so you can run the bot like never before.

With the question file utility you can now add and edit questions easier then ever. TriviaBot 10 comes with over 190 new question files with over 360,000 questions total and we have been adding new ones daily.

So if your asking what's next. Well since the release of TriviaBot 10 we have been working on several different features, including language support, a completely redesigned help system, and a new simple TriviaBot. Our next version of TriviaBot will be unlike any other trivia bot on the internet today and due to all of the changes we are working on TriviaBot may be getting a new name as well.

Want to play the newest version of TriviaBot then come check us out at #Trivia_Beta

Need an IRC Trivia Bot for the mIRC IRC Client. Well you have come to the right place. Our Trivia Bot has several games and features to make your Trivia Channel the best channel on your IRC network. Download Trivia Bot now and let the IRC Trivia fun began!!!









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