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IRC Trivia Bot News!

TriviaBot Version 10.2.0 Released 3/3/2011

NothingButStyle IRC is looking for Server Links
The NothingButStyle IRC Network is looking for Links from the East Coast as well as Oversea's

TriviaBot will no longer be released with a pre-loaded mIRC Client.
TriviaBot 10 will not be released with the mIRC Client

MegaSlots Feature Released
New MegaSlots with new fully customizable dialog.

We are looking for experienced coders to help work on Trivia Bot and other projects
Experienced Coders Needed

Trivia Bot March Update
TriviaBot10 Update

We are now testing Trivia Bot v10 on
Trivia Bot 10 in testing phase

Information about Trivia Bot's new features and commands
Trivia Bot 10 New Features

TriviaBot vs StarChat.
TriviaBot vs StarChat

















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