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Trivia Bot 10 New Features

New Trivia Bot Menu's

  1. New install script
  2. New Reset Feature
  3. New Help System
  4. New Nick List Menu
  5. New Chan List Menu
  6. New Server Menu
  7. New Services Menu
  8. New PM Menu
  9. New Dialogs
  10. Slots Updated
  11. MegaSlots Added

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New Install Script

Installation has never be easier then in Trivia Bot 10 with a new install script all you'll need to do is connect to any network and fill in the information to suit your needs.

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New Reset Feature

Ever want to reset Trivia Bot to its original settings well now you can. This feature is very usefull if you want to change networks or start over in a new channel with a new Trivia Bot.  Score files and all custom settings will be reset.

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New Help System

The new Trivia Bot help system replaces the old help system and will allow your players to type !help to get a full listing of all available command. Including the food and drinks menu if you have it enabled.

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New Nick List Commands

The new comprehensive channel op system has been added to the nick list to make running the channel easier. New features include a full Channel Op menu control panel, enableing you to easily remove unwanted or troublesome guests. Set your channel modes easily with just 1 click. We also added a cool new popups section to have some fun in your trivia channel with colorfull messages including Jokes, Insults, Flirts, and many more.

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New Channel Menu Commands

The channel menu has always been our biggest menu. Well we have rewritten it completely. Several new commands have been added includeing channel management commands as well as a Simple IRCop command Menu.

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New Server Menu

The new server menu has several new commands. Too many to list here. We will post the new commands in the release notes.

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New Services Menu

The feature maybe scrubbed due to the massive differance's in most services commands. We may make several differant versions of the Services Menu how ever this feature will most likely not be in the initial realese of TriviaBot10

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New Private Message Control Menu.

The New Private Message Control Menu will allow Bot Master's to determine who they want to be able to private message the bot. With the new control menu Bot Master's can set TriviaBot to ignore all private messages or accept only messages for players whom have been added to the PM list. This feature works really well for high traffic channels. It will close all PM windows from players who are not in the PM list. It will also send an auto reply saying "I'm sorry I cannot accept any private messages right now. Please speak with an Op if you need assistance. Thank You"

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New Dialogs

We have added several new Dialogs including a remote command dialog that will allow you to set the user level of most of the bot commands IE "Start, Stop". We have also added new color dialogs to replace the old ones. A new Slots dialog has also been created so Bot Master's can adjust the points and credits for playing slots.

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New Slots System Update

Slots and SuperSlots have been completely rewritten. The new system behaves like Vegas style slots. The odds of winning have been changed and now Bot Masters can adjust the amount of points for each winning roll.

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New MegaSlots feature added.

With the Slots system getting old we have been trying to figure out what we could do to bring it more up to date. So with the new MegaSlots feature now players can play our old style slots with random rolls but the odd of winning are now completely random and so are the prizes. MegaSlots rolls will have several differant prizes some are good, some are bad and some are funny. Winning rolls include Extra Credits, Extra Points,  Voice +v and if your lucky the new extra MegaSlot's Game. Losing rolls include DeVoice -v, Losing Points, Losing Credits, or being ignored by the bot for a certian amount of time.

Most of the new features are bot side including a new op menu for the Nick List. We have also added some new features and menu items to the Channel List and Server List. We are currently working on adding a update script to update all of your score files and your settings as well.

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