The TriviaBot Project

Experienced Coders Needed

We are currently looking for experienced coders to help with new versions of TriviaBot.
Any one interested in helping work on our Trivia Bot projects must be able to code mIRC.
Knowledge of C++, HTML, and PHP is also a plus.

We are also looking for volunteers to help code our PHP trivia script for our website. Currently we have not started on this project so at this point idea's are also welcome. Our goal is to be able to play on our website the same as players play trivia on IRC, IE "Answer questions, play slots, and other TriviaBot mini games." Also all players scores will need to be recorded to be added to our daily, weekly, and monthly leader boards.

Since we do not make any money from TriviaBot any one wishing to help with our project must be willing to volunteer. Any one who contributes to any part of the project will be listed in our credits section and will also received pre-release versions of TriviaBot and may also receive pre-release versions of other scripts and bots that we write.

Any one interested in helping please email support (a) irc trivia bot , c o m
















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