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What is IRC? What is an IRC Trivia Bot?

IRC "Internet Relay Chat" is a way of communicating in real time with people from every part of the world using IRC networks or "nets" of several internet based computers called servers. IRC servers can run on almost every operating system out there how ever most are run on Linux or Unix based operating systems. There are IRC servers and networks from all over the world in every country and in every language.

Useful information

Channel names usually begin with a #, as in #help . These channels are shared on all IRC servers on the same network, so you do not have to be on the same IRC server as your friends. Channel names that began with a & instead of a # are not shared by all servers on the net but only exist on the local server you are connected to.

Channels are run by special users called channel operators, or "ops" for short, who can control the channel by banning other users or kicking them from their channel. Channel operators and complete control over the channels they are ops in and their decisions are final. If you do get banned from a channel, you can send a /msg to the op and ask nicely to be let back in, but that doesn't mean they have to or they will. If they ignore you, just go somewhere else where you are welcome.

IRC Servers are run by IRC Administrators and IRC Operators or IRC "ops". IRC op's run the servers and the networks themselves and do not get involved with individual channel issued such as, Channel take over's, Lost ops, or other channel related disputes. They are "IRCop's" not "IRC COPS". It's considered annoying to pester IRC ops regarding channel issues so try not to do that or it might get you banned from the network.

IRC Commands

Here is a basic list of some of the IRC commands you can use on most networks.

/join #channel Join specified channel Ex /join #help
/msg nick your message Send a private message to some one Ex /msg tigger hello tigger
/who "nick" or "channel" Find out some info about some one or who is on the specified channel
Ex /who tigger or /who #help
/me text Action text. Makes it look different Ex /me Hello looks like Hello
/leave #channel Makes you leave the specified channel Ex /leave #help
/whois nick Tells you a lot of different info about the user Ex /whois tigger
/nick newnick Changes your Nickname Ex /nick tigger tigger-away
/quit Logs you off of the network

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